Can I use my Twinkly device with Apple Home Kit?

How to pair and control your Twinkly with Apple Home Kit

Applies to Twinkly Generation II devices (for IOS only) - except for Candies

The Home Kit feature will be available only after updating the firmware to 2.8.3. version.
For more detailed information about the firmware update process please refer to this article.

What's Home Kit and how does it work?

Apple HomeKit is the home automation platform dedicated to all iOS owners.
HomeKit builds a domestic network with all compatible home automation products and sensors, and allows them to be organized according to rooms or scenarios. The tools to enable the user to implement and manage this system are the Home app interface, Wi-fi, and Bluetooth.
For more information please refer to Apple's official website:
Official Apple Support

Through this integration you will be able to remotely manage Twinkly using your Home app.

Home is an iOS app available on the AppStore of your iOS device.

Connecting the lights to Home via HomeKit allows you to manage Twinkly using your iPhone/iPad or via Apple Tv and Apple Home Pod.


In order to use Home Kit you are required to:

  • use an iOS device

  • use a Generation II Twinkly device

  • have downloaded the last firmware (Home kit feature is available from the 2.8.3 version)

How to activate the feature

After updating the firmware (from version 2.8.3 or later), please open the device menu of your Twinkly App and search for Home Kit:

To activate the feature, click on the Home Kit item and follow the instructions:

  • a QR code will appear to be used to configure the device on the Home App for iOS

  • you may add the device to the Home app right away or later.

  • Once you add your device to the Home app, you can manage your Twinkly Lights through it!


Important notes:

  • With Home Kit enabled is also possible to configure your Twinkly device to your home wi-fi network, using the Home app.

  • Using the QR code you can manage your lights bypassing the onboarding procedure via Bluetooth.

  • Twinkly Squares can also be setup via Home kit (find the full procedure here)

Instructions available

  • Turn on / off all the lights

  • Adjust the Brightness

  • Change the dominant color

Please note that if you have a group of Twinkly devices, the Home App will only consider them individually, but you will be able to create a group directly on the Home App.

What changes to your Twinkly devices' operation

Once Home Kit is enabled, the connection mode to the Twinkly direct network changes:

  • after having performed the reset procedure, the Twinkly network will no longer be shown in the list of available wi-fi networks

  • so to connect the device to the Twinkly network it is required to follow the Bluetooth onboarding procedure (add the device and then choose the direct connection mode)


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