How can I create a vintage lighting style with Twinkly ?

How to create a traditional effect with Twinkly Leds

Applies to Generation I and Generation II devices


Everyone has their own taste when it comes to lighting. Some like brightly colored lighting effects for a modern and scenic look, while others prefer an effect reminiscent of old school lighting, calm and with warm, embracing colors.
Twinkly has a solution for everyone thanks to its exclusive technology and product variations!

Continue reading for a guide on how to create an old school lighting atmosphere with our products and effects!

Recreate Vintage Effects with the Twinkly App:

We’ve provided 4 options to recreate or get close to the desired effect:

  • go to the FX Wizard, choose Drawing Mode, and color each LED in the desired colors

  • go to the FX Wizard, apply Gradient - change the colors to the ones you want - adjust the speed to minimum

  • choose the Glow effect from the effects gallery, change colors, and adjust the speed to minimum

  • choose Bright Twinkle from the effects gallery, adjust the speed to minimum and twinkles to maximum, and choose your desired color palette.

Just remember that when you edit an Ambient effect, you overwrite the original effect, therefore to get back to the previous setting, you have to reinstall the app.

Enhance warmth choosing the perfect LED profile:

If creating an effect is not enough, you might also want an LED profile that fulfills your idea of old school lighting. The Gold & Silver editions are the perfect choice for traditional Christmas lovers. Their unique LED profile is made of three color sources: Amber, Warm White and Cold White, which are expressed with a super brilliant finish. Brightness is enhanced by a concave transparent lens.
Here you can find all the insights for the 3 different LEDs profiles.

Choose the perfect light bulb type

A vintage effect can be further enhanced by using a bulb reminiscent of classic luminaries. We suggest the brand-new C9s, designed specifically to match Twinkly's innovative technology with iconic, vintage taste. (link articolo)