What's the difference between Gold & Silver, Multicolor and Multicolor + White Edition?

In-depth information about each color profile features


Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices


Twinkly products are available in 3 different LEDs profiles, to fit all needs and tastes.
Each profile has specific features, and you can group together only devices with the same color range, therefore Multicolor with Multicolor and Multicolor + White.

Multicolor edition (RGB)

The multicolor edition is our widest collection: all the products of this collection have RGB LEDs.

RGB LEDs can play over 16 million colors, blending together the Red, Blue, and Green color sources.

The concave lenses and the matte bulbs enhance the colors and brightness of each lamp.

In the RGB spectrum, White is the result of the blend between the 3 RGB color sources and can reach different graduation (colder or warmer), depending on the color combination, but it doesn't include pure White, that's why we created the Multicolor + White line.

You can group together multiple Multicolor (RGB) and Multicolor + White (RGB+W) products, while it is not possible to group an RGB device with an AWW one.


The RGB color palette is shown below:

RGB (1)

RGBThe Multicolor + White edition (RGB+W)

For those who love colors, but get crazy also for pure total White decorations, we created a special LED, composed of 4 color source channels:

Red, Green, Blue + Warm White.

In addition to the 16 million colors developed by the 3 RGB channels, this special LED can play an amazing PURE Warm White. Alone, or blended with the other colors.

The concave lens, half clear and half matte, enhances the general brightness, the color blend, and the brilliance of the warm white.

You can group together multiple RGB and RGB+W products, while it is not possible to group an RGB+w device with an AWW one.


In 2018 was introduced RBW LED profile (Red, Blue, Warm White).
This color profile is discontinued but still supported and can be grouped only with other RBW LED strings.


The RGB+W  color palette is shown below:


RGBW (1)


The Gold & Silver edition (AWW)

The Gold & Silver edition is the perfect choice for lovers of Christmas traditional colors. With their special LED profile, made of three color sources: Amber, Warm White, and Cold White, they can express these three colors with a super brilliant finish.

Brightness is enhanced by their concave transparent lens.

You can group AWW devices only with other AWW devices.


The AWW color palette is shown below:

AWW (1)


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