How do I reset my Twinkly device?

Step by step procedure to reset your Twinkly to factory settings

DuApplies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices and Twinkly Plus.

What is the reset process used for?

The reset process restores your Twinkly device to factory settings.

Resetting your device is recommended when you’re having connection issues, or to connect your device to its Twinkly network after previously connecting it to your home Wi-Fi.

Remember that resetting your device without delete it from the app, the layout remains even after reset and the new device  onboarding while if you also delete the device from the app, you will need to do the mapping again  after the onboarding procedure.

How do I reset my Twinkly device?

  1. Unplug your Twinkly device from the power socket.

  2. Press the button on the controller and plug the device back into the socket while holding down the controller button.

  3. Hold the button until the lights are steady red 

The animation below shows the steps of the reset process.


During the reset process please  hold down the button on the controller without releasing it until the reset is complete so from before you plug the device into the power outlet to when all the lights turn red.


ResetProcess (1)

Is the reset process the same for all Twinkly devices?

Generation I and II products and the Polygroup Pre-Lit have different controllers, but the reset process is the same.

The Squares master panel reset process is the same as that for other Twinkly devices. Hold down the button located near the USB output and release it only when all the LEDs on the panel turn red.

The Twinkly Dots 60 RGB LED light string is powered via USB port. Instead of disconnecting the power supply and re-connecting it to the socket, disconnect and re-connect the USB flash drive from the power source.


This short video describes the procedure step by step. Remember that it is the same even for different controllers (Generation I and Prelit).


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