How does preview mode work?

Learn more about how preview mode works and what you can do with it.

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices, Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus.

[not available for RBW LED profiles]


Keep in mind that when creating your new effect, if you want, you can act directly on a preview of the effect itself instead of your layout, tapping on the image icon you see on the top right bottom of the Wizard’s screen.


You will see a new screen with the effect preview, and you will be able to edit its features, by tapping on them and then control it using the slider to see the editing in realtime on the preview, or even tapping and sliding directly on the preview screen, to have a major control on your editing choices.

Using the preview mode, won’t stream the editing on your device, and will allow you to see the changes only on the screen before saving them, so you can have a real surprise effect!


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