How to create an effect using the Drawing mode?

Insight and step-by-step instructions for creating an effect using your fingers through the Drawing mode feature.


Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices, Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus.


The option Drawing mode is used to create a custom Fixed effect

  1. Select the device for which you want to create a new effect.
  2. Access the Main Menu, then tap on “Create Effect
Drawing mode_Tap


Select the color

First, select the color you want to apply on the lower color bar, then adjust the saturation with the second colored bar.

Twinkly Special Edition generation 2 will also have a third bar to select the Warm White.

Select the color_Tap

Select the tool

Choose the tool you want to use to draw the effect on your basic layout/layout, being it basic or mapped by you.

  • Thin: for a subtle and light stroke, it allows you to select just a few LED lights at a time and apply a full color.
  • Wide: for a thicker stroke, it allows you to select more LED lights at a time and apply a full color.
  • Sparkles: It applies to the selected LEDs a sparkle effect that will remind you of fairy dust.
  • Erase: it deletes the effect from the LEDs that you’ll touch.
Thin_Tap (1)
Apply effect_Tap





Apply or erase the color with the selected tool

Once selected, touch the LEDs on which you want to intervene.

You can select single LEDs or work on groups moving your finger on the screen.

Click on the “tick” icon on the top right of your screen to save the effect and give it a name, your new creation will be available in the main gallery, from where you’ll be able to add it to your favorites.

Personal effects appear on the home page with a pencil stroke.

Apply effect_Tap
Erase effect_Tap

    Important notes:

  • personal effects created by drawing cannot be modified from the gallery.
  • using drawing you can only create fixed effects


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