Why is a Twinkly account required to use the App? (Twinkly PRO & Plus)

Reasons why you need a Twinkly Account

Applies to all Gen I and Gen II devices, Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus.


Creating a Twinkly Account is required to better manage possible cases of assistance, furthermore, it is necessary to use the Web App, Voice command and much more.


To use the app you need to create an account, associating it with your email address, with your Facebook credentials, or with your Apple ID.

With the app, you can download new effects from the store, edit them, create your own and also map the layout of your installation.


If you log out of your Twinkly app or if you uninstall it, all the personal effects will be lost.


All the personal data are subjected to our Privacy Policies ( see here the complete Privacy Policy document)


The Twinkly Account collects different kinds of information about your profile and your devices.

  • Personal information

  • Information about your Twinkly such as Mac id, Firmware version, Model, Active LEDs. 


The following data instead are stored on your Smartphone:

  • Personal effects: the effects you create on your Twinkly app 

  • Personal layouts: the result of your mapping procedure


Important note:

Creating a Twinkly account, in the specific case of Twinkly PRO, is also necessary to access the WebApp ( which in turn require the use of the Twinkly App to connect and configure the Twinkly PRO devices before they showing up on the WebApp)


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