What’s Twinkly Pro Controller 400 WI-FI? (Twinkly Plus)

The Twinkly Pro Controller 400 Wi-Fi Unboxing and onboarding

Applies to Twinkly Pro Controller 400 wi-fi, Twinkly PRO splitter



The Twinkly Pro Controller 400 wi-fi package contains the following items:

  • TWPRO400WRLP Wi-Fi 
  • Controller 2 AC Power Adapter

Twinkly Pro - WiFi Controller _ Strings 1

Unincluded recommended setup items

  • Twinkly Pro Light Strings (up to 2** per TWPRO400WRLP controller)
  • The Twinkly PRO Splitter allows you to connect up to two strings to the 400 series Twinkly Plus Power Line Controller.

    Important note:

    Twinkly Plus Port Slitter is also compatible with the previous year's models 




    The onboarding procedure is explained  step by step in this useful tutorial:


    HubSpot Video


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