How do I calculate the right amount of LEDs for my decoration? (Twinkly PRO & Plus)

A few tips on how to calculate the number of LEDs you need for your project needs.

Applies to Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus.


Twinkly PRO lights have a density of 100 LEDs per square meter.

Twinkly Pro Power Line Controller can connect up to 1500 LEDs each and can be grouped indefinitely depending on the available ports on your Internet router, in case you need more you can use a Twinkly Pro Connection HUB (Switch)to extend the number of ethernet ports (see attached schematic), whereas Twinkly Plus Power Line Controller up to 500 LEDs each, connecting up to 10 devices together under good Wi-Fi coverage. 

To explain more clearly, let's take an example: if we have to decorate a facade of 27 sqm, I can calculate how many LEDs I need, in this way:

27 sqm * 100 = 2'700 LEDs.

So just multiply the surface for 100, the LEDs density per square meters as said previously,  and you will obtain how many LEDs you will need!


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