How do I create a Twinkly Pro multi-controller setup (Twinkly PRO)

How to set up multiple Twinkly PRO Ethernet controllers together.


Applies to all Twinkly PRO devices.
It's possible to create a multi-controller setup using controllers of the same models (es: Twinkly PRO Power Line Controller only with Twinkly PRO Power Line Controller )


With Twinkly Pro Ethernet controllers you can set up multiple controllers of the same model together by just connecting them to the same internet router.

Depending on the number of available LAN ports within your internet router, you can also adopt network switches in order to extend the number of controllers you can connect together.

The final step is grouping them together using the Twinkly app, available for iOS 13 or above.


Twinkly PRO Connection Hub is the ideal solution that uses PoE, hence removing additional power cables –  (not compatible with Twinkly PRO Ethernet Controller Box)


For optimal performance, our suggestion is not to exceed 3 levels of network layout in order not to have dispersion in data transfer.


This is just one of the possible solutions, where we have used our Connection HUBs:



Important notes:

  • The number of controllers depends on the number of ports of the switch and the number of ports of the Internet Router.

  • As far as Twinkly Pro Wi-Fi and Plus is concerned, the use of multiple controllers has the same principles as the retail products, so it only includes the possibility of creating virtual groups through the App.


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