What are the product SKUs of the available devices? (Twinkly PRO & Plus)

Each product corresponds to a code: here is the list and description.

Applies to Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus.


There are different kinds of controllers, and they generally differ from each other according to the production year.

For each model there is a product code, which will be useful to easily distinguish them:

  • Twinkly Pro Ethernet Controller Box (1000 LEDsx4port) - TWPRO1000ETHP (2019)

  • Twinkly Pro Controller 1500ETH 6port: TWPRO1500ETHP (2020) max 1500 LEDs (250xport)

  • Twinkly Pro Power Line Controller 6 port: TWPRO-CRTL-PLC-21 (2021) max 1500 LEDs (250xport)

  • Twinkly Plus Power Line Controller:  TWPLUS-CTRL-PLC-21 max 500 LEDs using Twinkly Plus Port Splitter, upgraded  connector to support RGB+W up to 500 LEDs (2021) 

  • Twinkly Plus Power Line Controller: TWPLUS-CTRL-PLC-22 (2022) max 2000 LEDs (1000xport) using POWER T INJECTION each 100 leds.

  • Twinkly Pro Wi-fi Controller:  TWPRO400WRLP max 400 LEDs (2019)

  • Twinkly Pro Controller 400 wi-fi: TWPRO400WRLP  max 500 LEDs (2020)

  • Twinkly Pro Music: TWPRO-MUSIC

  • Twinkly Pro 4G Router: TWPRO-4G

  • Twinkly Pro Connection Hub (8port ethernet): WPRO-HUB



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