What are Twinkly pre-lit products?

Short description of Twinkly Pre-Lit products and where to buy them.

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II Prelit products.


Pre-lit Trees, Wreaths, and Garlands are pre-assembled products with Twinkly LEDs, designed for a perfect lights show and incredible effects.

They’re ready in minutes and can be grouped together, or with other Twinkly products with the same LED profile.

The perfect touch to make your Christmas is even more magical!


Prelit trees come in many variations and different designs.

Let's try to explain it better  🙂


We have 2 different macro-categories of pre-lits tree:

  • those produced by Twinkly (you can find them in the PRODUCTS area of our website)
  • those produced by Polygroup (using Twinkly technology) which are supplied in different sizes and with different styles and then distributed by the big chains in the field such as Walmart, Balsam Hill, Home Depot, and much others. Regarding their technical specifications (height, diameter, colors and material, etc...) we suggest you contact the seller directly to ask for specific information.

If you are considering buying one for your home, please visit our Where to Buy page and use the filter “prelit”, so you will more easily find the perfect one for you!


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