What does ‘layout’ mean?

Description of the Layout feature on Twinkly App

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices, Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus.


In the Layout section, you can find a preview of your current setting's Layout

If you already took a mapping of your setting,  you will find a perfect track of all the LEDs recognized by the procedure and mapped out in the space, as in the picture below.

If you wish to redo the mapping procedure and get a new layout, simply click on "Restore".

Layout mappato (1)

Otherwise, you will find the classic Tree shape as a default layout.

Layout non mappato

The function key "Map Lights", allows you to start the mapping procedure you find described in this article, step by step.


Important notes:

  • If you have a Sync group, as you can see from the sample picture above, you won't find the "Map lights" function key, as the devices need to be mapped individually before creating the group.
  • If you have mapped your string in the past and are accessing the app with a different account, you have to delete the device from the device list (swipe left and then click on "delete") in order to map it again: the complete procedure can be found here.


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