What does the Controller Lights status indicator mean? (Twinkly PRO & Plus)

Different functions and meanings of the Light status indicator of your Twinkly's controller

Applies to Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus devices. except forTwinkly Pro Ethernet Controller Box


The small LED you find on your device controller, called  controller status indicator  shows the status of your Twinkly.

Twinkly PLUS and Twinkly PRO Wi-Fi Controllers

Controller LED  indicator can be:

Flashing-greenGreen - Blinking

Direct Wi-Fi mode
Device not connected

Green-steadyGreen - Steady

Direct Wi-Fi mode
Device connected

Light blue-steadyLight Blue - Steady

Setup mode Bluetooth ON

Blue-fast blinkBlue - Blinking

Wi-Fi network mode Connection in progess

Blue-steadyBlue - Steady

Wi-Fi network mode Device connected

Red-short-pulseRed - Blinking

Wi-Fi network mode Connection error

Red-steadyRed - Steady

General error  

Yellow-steadyYellow - Steady

Firmware update In progress

White-blinkingWhite - Blinking

Reset procedure In progress


In the Twinkly Plus version we also get Ethernet connection statuses:


Purple - Steady

Ethernet connected mode

Purple - Blinking

Ethernet connection in progress or network cable disconnected


Twinkly PRO Power Line Controller, Twinkly PRO Ethernet Controller and Twinkly SPI Ethernet Controller

Pro Power Line controller and Twinkly PRO Ethernet Controller have two indicator LEDs:

  • Network connection LED 
  • Status LED

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Status LED indicator can be:

Green-slow-blinkGreen Slow blink

Running locally

Green-burst-blinkGreen Burst blink

Running with cloud connection

Pink-slow-blinkPink - Slow blink *

Output status ON

Red-short-pulse-1Red - Short pulse

POE enabled

Yellow-steadyYellow - Steady

Firmware update ongoing
White-moderate-blinkWhite -Moderate blinking
Reset request in progress

White-steadyWhite - Steady

Reset request accepted


Please note that using the SPI controllers the color is Yellow instead of Pink during to indicate 'Output status ON'.

Network Connection LED can be:

Blue-fast blink-2Blue -Fast blink
Port disconnected
Blue-moderate-blinkBlue - Moderate blink
Waiting for IP address
Blue-burst-blinkBlue - Burst blink
IP address assigned


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