What is the GIF importer?

Insights and step-by-step instructions for importing a GIF.

 Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices, Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus.


What’s the GIF importer option?

The GIF importer option allows you to enrich your gallery by importing your favourite GIFs into the app.

This option, designed for Squares, is now available for all devices, making your LED installation even more customised and impressive!

How do I import a GIF into my Gallery?

The procedure for importing a GIF is super easy:
download your favourite GIF from a GIF import website

  • open FX-Wizard

  • click on the “… or import a GIF” option

  • select your GIF from the gallery on your phone

  • save your GIF as an effect

  • zoom the gif to fit your installation

  • apply and sit back and enjoy!


The GIF upload size is limited to 1Mb.
If the file is heavier, the GIF will stop sooner in order to comply with the allowed weight/duration limits.


How do I edit a custom GIF?

Imported GIFs, unlike the default GIF (dedicated to specific layouts and Squares tiles installations), can be edited like other custom effects.
This will be especially useful for adjusting the size of the GIF effect to fit your layout.

Please note that you can also upload non-animated GIFs (fixed) or jpg pics.

What requirements needs to have my installation in order to use this feature?

Your installation, made up of one or more Twinkly devices, must be mapped.
In addition, to get the best, clearest and most detailed effects and animations on your Twinkly lights, we always recommend having a high/dense number of lights in your display.

This is because each LED light basically acts like a pixel, meaning that the higher the number of LEDs you have in your installation, the clearer and more detailed your effects and animations will be.