What special effects can be displayed on Squares?

Brief guide on Twinkly Squares-specific effects

Applies to Twinkly Squares


On your Twinkly Squares, like with all other Twinkly products you can enjoy a wide range of default effects which can be selected from in the gallery and downloaded from the effects store. But one of the special features of Squares is that you can also add customized GIF effects, all in just a few simple steps.


What are GIFs, and how do I upload them as effects to my gallery?

A GIF is a file format for digital images which can be created with special tools or downloaded and saved to the gallery of your smartphone or tablet.

When a GIF image is stored on your device, you can upload it to the Twinkly App gallery by following these simple steps:

  • open FX-Wizard

  • click on the “… or import a GIF” option

  • select your GIF from the gallery on your phone

  • save your GIF as an effect

  • apply and sit back and enjoy!

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Please note that you can also upload gifs non-animated (fixed) or jpg pics (IOS only).


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