How do I connect my Twinkly Plus device to Twinkly’s direct Wi-Fi? (Twinkly Plus)

Twinkly Plus Direct Wi-Fi Connection procedure

Applies to Gen I and Gen II devices and Twinkly Plus.


Connect your Twinkly Plus to a local Wi-fi network is crucial to make the most out of your device but is not strictly necessary.

If you won't connect it, Twinkly Plus will work as a stand-alone product or in direct communication with your smartphone.


Step by step procedure:

Each Twinkly device can develop its own Wi-Fi signal allowing you to control it from your smartphone.

Please note that if your twinkly has been connected at least once to your home Wi-Fi router, the Twinkly network will no longer be listed among those available on your phone. 
In this case, you have to follow the reset procedure to connect to your Twinkly network first. 
Reverting your device to factory settings, you will find your Twinkly network available again!

  • Check that Wi-Fi networks are activated on your smartphone.
  • Go to your smartphone Wi-Fi settings
  • Check the list of available local Wi-Fi networks.
  • Scroll down through the list and select the network emitted by your Twinkly device, showing as “Twinkly_XXXXXX”.
  • That’s your Twinkly! Select this network and wait until the connection is established.

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It will also work on routers that don't have internet access, this solution can be great to manage a larger group of Twinkly on their network (more than 5) without interference from other connected devices.

Important notes:

  • ETH controllers, do not have a direct connection mode like Wi-Fi, except by using the Wi-Fi Bridge / 4G Router as an Access Point.
  • The password to access the Twinkly network is Twinkly2019 
  • According to the recent California Law, the default password must be changed after the first use, to avoid other people taking control of the lights. Once the direct connection password (default Twinkly2019) has been changed, the user will be disconnected, and will have to go to mobile device settings to select the Twinkly_xxxxxx Wi-Fi again, set the new password, and, once connected, open the app again. Remember that if you reset your device the next time you access the Twinkly_XXXX network you will have to re-enter the old Twinkly2019 password (and then change it)


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