How can I solve a connection problem on a device that has already been connected in the past?

Tips for solving a connection problem with a previously connected device

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices, Twinkly PRO and Twinkly Plus


It may happen that a few months have passed since you last used your Twinkly lights and now you want to play with them again but are struggling to reconnect them to the wi-fi network.

This could be due to different reasons, maybe you have a new wi-fi settings, moved to another flat, changed your phone or something else.
But no problem! There are a couple of tricks that might help you find a solution!


We firstly suggest to kill your Twinkly App ,  turn off the device's wifi and turned back on after a few seconds (not immediately) proceed to reset the device.


Kill the App" means to close the App, making sure that it is not even open in the background.


If the problem persist, probably you have to delete the devices from the app and start anew.

It is a really easy procedure, below you will find all the steps. just remember that you have to follow them in their exact order.

  • Delete the device from the device list, by tapping on the gear icon next to its name and then on the trash-bin icon that appears in the right upper corner of the screen;

  • Reset it, following step by step this tutorial,

  • Add the device again following the on boarding procedure.


Important notes:

  • Keep in mind that the configuration procedure (also called on boarding) may vary slightly between Generation I and Generation II.

  • Always be sure to connect your device to the same network as your smartphone.


We also suggest trying the connection to the Twinkly direct one network.

Once the connection is established in this mode, go to the device page and click on Network, where you will be able to choose your local Wi-Fi.


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