How the Web App Import tool works? (Twinkly PRO Ethernet)

Quick guide to import images and videos on the WebApp

Applies only to all Twinkly PRO Ethernet devices.

[this feature is not available for Twinkly PRO Wi-Fi, Plus and Twinkly retail]


Import Tool is the feature that allows you to bring in your Gallery, images, and videos that can be screened on your installation.

You can upload any visual content, whether it’s an image from your gallery or a YouTube video.


In the Gallery section, click on All Effects and then on the Upload button, as the image below

1 (4)In the following screen, you have to first choose the name of your new content, and then click on Browse to choose the content you want to upload, and then double click on it to open, and once selected, click on the Save button.

2 (3)

3 (3)

4 (2)Once uploaded, the effect will be available in the Gallery, in the Custom section.

5 (2)To install your content, just click on the Install Button you see in the image above, and then choose the Object or Installation you want to apply your content to, tapping finally on the Install button.

The app will then alert you with a message when the installation is complete

6 (3)To finally apply your new content, select Objects, from the left side menu, and choose the object you want to apply the effect on.

Then scroll down to the Content Manager and click on the “manage” button.


Once the effect has finished its installation (be sure to wait until the end of the process, you will see the upload percentage) select the effect, and then click on the Apply button, and wait for the Success pop-up.

8If you want to see if the effect is playing correctly, also remotely, browse back to Objects and check the Currently Playing section.

Every time you want to upload a video or an image ad play it on your installation, just follow all the steps above for each content, just remember to take a look at the percentage of memory left!


Technical specification

  • Image: JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF
  • Video: MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEG

File Weight:

  • Image: There is no limitation to file weight.
  • Video: 100 Mb

Resolution (Pixel Density):
The resolution of the image/video should always be the number of lamps of your installation, for example in a case with 1000 lamps in width and 250 in length, the image/video should be 1000x250 pixels. This is to ensure the highest fidelity between what you see on the screen and what you’ll see on your installation.

The ratio is visible when entering the Installation or Object.
In the layout section you will find the entry: Surface aspect ratio: (value): just click on the "i" that will appear on mouseover to read the indication recommending the size in pixels of the image or video to be uploaded.


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