How do I create and manage a Project through the Web App? ((Twinkly PRO Ethernet)

Description of Web app's section "Projects"

Applies only to all Twinkly PRO Ethernet devices.

[this feature is not available for Twinkly PRO Wi-Fi, Plus and Twinkly retail]


The first voice of the web app's side menu is Projects:

6 (2)   

This section is divided into:


Within the voice Devices, you can find the list of products compatible with Twinkly Pro WebApp – .

Twinkly Pro Ethernet Controller Box, Twinkly Pro Controller 1500 Eth and Twinkly Pro Power Line Controller.

It Contains technical details about each device as well as their status whether they are connected to the cloud.

2Selecting the device, on the right side of the screen, appears Device Details box, which contains all the pieces of information available for this specific device:

  • Device Name

  • Product Code

  • Serial

  • MAC Address

  • IP Address

  • LED Profile

  • HW version

  • FW version

  • Free space

  • LED Count

  • FPS

  • Creation Date


Objects are groups of Devices and are created on the mobile app, using the grouping function, the link icon on the top right corner of the Devices List.

Groups allow multiple devices to work together, and extend virtually the lighting effects on the same setting also if made by separated products.

To create a Group, Object on the web app, open the mobile one and then access the “Devices” menu, by tapping on the LED-shaped icon.

Click on the "link" symbol on the top right corner of the screen to choose what kind of group to create

Select the devices you want to join in a group

Name your Group as you favor (it will be useful to distinguish them later on)

 3Selecting the Object you want to work with, you will have a screen with different boxes:

The first one, distinguished by the object's name, is a basic control panel with a switch button and a brightness, adjustable bar.

Info, contains the details regarding the group, as the number of devices composing it, the total amount of LEDs, the kind of hardware, etc.

The Layout repository contains the group layout, taken by mapping the devices, to act directly on the LEDs as they are positioned.

Currently Playing instead, allows you to see, also remotely, which effects are playing at this moment on your object.



Installations, instead, are groups of Objects that reproduce the same effect in sync.

You have to create them directly on the web app, as it’s an exclusive feature available just for it, clicking on the Create New button.

1 (1)Moreover, eere is an overview of the other items/features:

  •  Schedules  contains info about eventual programs on the Object
  • Devices provides details on the products in the group or object
  • Last known is a preview of the last effect played on the object
  • Content Manager  is the box in which you find the number of effects installed (via mobile app) on your object and the percentage of the left capacity.

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