How do I Scheduled an event through the Web App (Twinkly PRO Ethernet)

Description of Web app's section "Projects"

Applies only to all Twinkly PRO Ethernet devices.

[this feature is not available for Twinkly PRO Wi-Fi, Plus and Twinkly retail]


The second voice of the side menu is Schedules, here is where all Agenda-related settings are stored.

It contains two sub-items called View and Create,  that allow you to have a group view of all the schedules and to create new ones individually, respectively.

1 (2)

Clicking on View will open a weekly calendar with all the schedules you have saved.

Today's day will be highlighted by a yellow column.

2 (1)

Moreover, in this view, you can add a schedule by clicking on the + button at the top right or you can achieve the same feature by selecting the sub-item Create, in the left side menu.

3 (1)

  Here you have the possibility to create and customize a single schedule.
  • Select an installation or an object: here you will be able to select which controller or installation to apply the respective schedule to.

  • Name: This field is mandatory and will allow you to name the just created event..

  • Date and Time: here you can set the departure of the schedule, setting the date and the starting time.

  • Choose Content: here you can choose if setting ON/OFF or selecting an effect.

  • Repeat: by clicking on the Repeat box you can select the frequency of the days of the week on which to repeat the schedule and also select the End Time. 

In this view, it is also possible to switch the lights on and off via a control panel.


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