What is Homey and how does the integration with Twinkly work?

Brief introduction to what Homey is and how it works.

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices


Homey is a small hub that allows you to control all your home automation equipment.

You can connect your Smart devices, such as Twinkly, to Homey ещ access and manage them. The smart devices can be linked together via the app, creating scenes (flows) in which one device is allowed to respond automatically to the specific input of another.


For more information about Homey we suggest you to visit the official page.

Here you can find all the details about the integration with Twinkly, with the list of all available Flows:

  • Turned on
  • Turned off
  • Dim-level changed
  • Set the saturation %
  • Set a temperature %
  • Dim to %
  • Set relative dim-level %
  • Set the hue 
  • Set a color
  • Set a random color

Please note that for Generation I devices, the color management flows are not enabled.



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