What features can I enable from the Control Panel? (Twinkly PRO & Plus)

Functions and features of Twinkly App's Controls Menu

Applies to Gen I and Gen II devices and Twinkly PRO Wi-Fi and Twinkly Plus



These features are only available for Twinkly PRO Wi-Fi and Twinkly Plus (in addition to Twinkly retail)

How the Control Panel Works

To Open the Controls menu, tap the first icon you find, in the bottom left corner of your Twinkly App's screen.

It's the first screen you find when opening the app anew.

Control panel-1

To select the device you want to work with, just tap on its name on the device page, and all the Controls menu functions will be automatically set for this device.

You can distinguish the device you're working on from its name up in the center of the screen.


Important notes:

  • Twinkly Music Mood console is available only when Twinkly Music is registered on the app and its firmware and the associated devices ones, are up to date.
  • Twinkly Pro Ethernet Controller don't have this function, but no problem: you can schedule all events via the WebApp!


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