How do I find replacement parts for my Twinkly device?

Which are the parts you can replace and how can we help you with this.

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices


Please note that not all the parts of your Twinkly devices can be replaced.

What can be substituted?

  • Twinkly power supply
  • Twinkly Festoon set broken bulbs

In case the plug of your power supply is different from that of your country, remember that  Twinkly works on this input voltage range:
From 120V - in the US
To 240V - in EU/UK
max 50/60H
And develop an output of 24 V (1.0A)
Within this range, it is possible to safely use Twinkly just by adding a common plug adapter.


What can't be replaced?

  • Individual Twinkly LEDs
  • Twinkly controller

Keep in mind that the breakage or the failure of a single LED does not affect the performance of the entire set.

Even if you can't replace it, your Twinkly device will continue to work perfectly: don't map the broken LED or hide it with other decorations, and everything will be great!


Finally, if you need a specific spare part, contact us through our online form and, according to your  case, we will suggest the most suitable and fast solution.


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