What are the technical specs of Twinkly power adapters?

This article provides brief a brief overview of Twinkly power supply technical specifications, features and safety advice

Applies to Twinkly Generation I and Generation II devices


Type of Power adapters

There are two types of Twinkly device power adapters based on the number of LED lights the product uses.

  • products with up to 250 LEDs work with a 1A output adapter

  • products with more than 250 LEDs work with a 1.5A output adapter.

Keep in mind that Strings 250 RGB+W LEDs works with a 1.5A power adapter.

The 1.5A model works on all Twinkly retail devices except Light Tree 750 and 1000 RGB+W LEDs, which need more power (2.5A) . Also keep this in mind when replacing or buying new parts.

The image below shows the two types of power adapters you’ll find in Twinkly Generation II products. The model pictured on the left is the one you’ll likely find when buying products with fewer than 250 LEDs (including Strings, Curtains, Icicles). The model pictured on the right (Xing Yuan) is used for products with more than 250 LEDs.

power supply pics-1



Twinkly power adapters work based on the following regional input voltage ranges:

  • EU: 220-240V 50Hz

  • US: 110-120V 60Hz

  • UK: 220-240V 50Hz

  • AU: 220-240V 50Hz

Adapter output voltage depends on the product category:

  • Retail products (Strings, Curtain, Icicle, Cluster, Festoon, Dots, Pre-Lit Tree, bulb string lights ): 24V 1A or 1.5A 

  • Flex and Line: 5V 3A

  • Light Tree (products with SKUs TWP750SPP and TWP01KSPP): 24V 2.5A

Twinkly products can be safely used within the above voltage ranges. 

Special note on Squares

When you add 1–15 extension panels to your master Squares panel, the installation needs a power adapter, which is only included in the following kits :

  • Master + 3 panels kit

  • Master + 5 extension panels

The single master panel comes with a USB-C cable, whereas the kit with the 3 extension panels only works when connected to the master panel and its power source.

If you purchased a single master panel and the Squares extension kit, you can choose between buying our dedicated adapter separately or using one of your own, keeping in mind that the only validated model is the Twinkly-branded one.

In any case, your power adapter must:

  • be USB power-delivery >= 2.0

  • provide 20v 3.25A

  • have voltage of at least 65 watts.

Special note on Generation I devices

Generation I devices works with 1A power supplies, however, they have a different design than the Generation II one,  so they are not interchangeable.
If you need to replace your Generation I power supply, please get in touch with our Help center and we will be happy to assist you.

Outdoor use and plug adapters 

Twinkly power adapters have an IP44 rating, meaning that your product is protected from solid particles larger than 1mm and from low velocity sprays of water from all directions, but cannot be submerged in or witmhstand heavy sprays of water. It’s always best to protect controllers and power adapters from the elements, including rain and snow.

If you have a Twinkly product that uses a different plug from your country’s plug type, you can use a standard plug adapter. If you want to use your Twinkly product outdoors, we recommend using an IP44-rated adapter.

It’s essential in any case to keep the following in mind when using a plug adapter:

  • maximum voltage tolerance of 5%

  • low output ripple

  • the type of power supply must be suitable for LED light sources. 


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